Program 2020

Thursday: Biz Day

Keynote: Kate Edwards - GGJ and Geogrify

TitleExecutive Director (Global Game Jam) / CEO (Geogrify)

Talk: TBA

More about Kate: Kate Edwards is a 27+ year veteran and an outspoken, multiple award-winning advocate of the game industry and the Executive Director of the Global Game Jam, as well as the former Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). She is also a professional geographer and corporate strategist who pioneered and specializes in content culturalization. Following 13 years at Microsoft, she has consulted on many game and non-game projects for BioWare, Ubisoft, LEGO, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many other companies. She was recently profiled in the December 2018 publication Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play.

Johan Toresson - Raw Fury

Title: Johan Toresson has a very expensive and long title at Raw Fury, which likely means he’s important.

TalkYou Pitch Me Up, So I Can Stand On Mountains – An audience led Q&A on all things pitching (and possibly other stuff?)

The talk part of the talk will be a quick TL;DR of what Raw Fury (and most other publishers) wants in a pitch deck, and then I figure we’ll just let you fine folks lead the way. I don’t know what you want to know, but I might know that which you know that you would like to know, so the logical thing would be for me (someone who does not know what you want to know) to let you (someone who does know what you want to know) ask me about the things you want to know that I might know. If I don’t know, we might figure it out together. Or maybe some other speaker knows? If so, we’ll try to drag them into the conversation as well. No one is safe. I would know, after all I’m the one with the expensive and long title

More about Johan: As the Chief Say That Again Officer, he spends his days scouting for new experiences and devs to bring into the Raw Fury Family. He used to be a junkrat main but role queue has forced him back onto tanks.

Steffen Kabbelgaard - BetaDwarf

Title: Co-founder and CEO at BetaDwarf.


More about Steffen: Steffen Kabbelgaard is co-founder and CEO at BetaDwarf. He has directed 3 Pc/Console games with more than 3 million owners, raised more than $8m in funding and is insightful in community building, business and game design. BetaDwarf is a danish game developer company known for Forced, Forced Showdown and Minion Masters. The team went viral with their classroom squatting bootstrap story.

BetaDwarf’s mission is to create the first games in a new genre that utilizes the most socially engaging mechanics from MMOs and MOBAs to build intimate friendships between players via data driven bonding. The company has started its largest production to date – “Project Haven” to pursue this mission, and is actively looking for people to join the journey and to continue the ongoing success of Minion Masters.

Cassia Curran - Wings Interactive

TitleCEO of Wings Interactive.

Talk: TBA

AND: Portfolio Review! Veterans from the game industry will be present to give you feedback on your portfolio, no matter what discipline you focus on. The names of the people giving feedback will be revealed closer to the event!

Also Thursday: The Nordic Game Jam 2020 kick-off party at 18.00 at another venue! Stay tuned for details.

Friday: Dev Day

Speakers and workshops focused on art, tech, design, sound and more to be announced! Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know, or stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter

Friday-Sunday: Jam!


At 17.00 the theme will be announced and group forming will start. This year, group forming has three tracks: INTENSE, MODERATE and CHILL. Choose the jamming style that fits you!


  • Jam! Jam, jam, jam.
  • Enjoy free cake, toast and coffee
  • Venture around the jam and check out works from international artists
  • Attend or host a workshop in the XP Garden with your fellow jammers
  • Visit the sponsor booths in the center of the jam



The bell rings at 13.00 and the jamming stops! From 14 to 16 we play each other’s games and from 17 to 18 the finals are held on the main stage. A winning team is chosen, and we say our farewells.

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